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REVIEW: Masseria Puts A Modern Casual Spin On Pizza

One walk down any major street in downtown Toronto will tell you rather quickly that the city has no shortage of pizza joints. Whether it’s fast food in the vein of something like Pizza Nova and Pizzaiolo, or something a bit more formal like Pizzeria Libretto, Queen Margherita Pizza or Terroni, Torontoinains are never stuck when looking for somewhere to grab a good slice. And so, when it was announced this past summer that the King West area would be getting a new Italian restaurant called Masseria that would specialize in Neapolitan pizza, we were definitely intrigued.

REVIEW: Queen Margherita Pizza Reigns Supreme In Toronto

The pizza scene in Toronto is a competitive one, with the downtown area especially playing host to numerous restaurants that pride themselves on serving what they think is the best slice in the city. You’ve got Terroni, Pizzeria Libretto, Marcello’s, Buca and many, many more. You also have Queen Margherita Pizza, named after Margherita Maria Teresa Giovanna, the Queen consort of Italy during the reign of King Umberto I.

REVIEW: New Veri Veri Teriyaki Filet Mignon Jerky From Three Jerks Is Outstanding

When it comes to beef jerky, you don’t have to go far to find a bunch of teriyaki offerings. Pretty much every brand has a teriyaki iteration, presumably because it’s a wildly popular flavor. We can’t complain, either, as it’s quite a pretty tasty flavor profile for jerky. So, when we tried Three Jerks Jerky and realized that they didn’t have a teriyaki flavor yet, we were a bit surprised. Thankfully, they’ve now joined the rest of the jerky world with a brand new offering.

REVIEW: Juvia Brings Stylish And Eclectic Dining To A Gorgeous Miami Setting

When it comes to settings in which you can dine in, few restaurants can beat what Juvia’s got going on. Situated on the 9th floor of an old parking garage, and overlooking the beautiful, sunshine filled city of Miami, it’s a near breathtaking experience sitting on top of their purple-themed patio, taking in the view. So breathtaking in fact, that you may even forget the real reason you’re there. Which is, of course, the food.

REVIEW: Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

With all the coffee products out there, it’s hard to find something brand new. Well, we have found it. And we’ve tried it. What is it, you ask? It’s Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. It sounds like a mouthful but here are the basics: it’s cold coffee low in acid made from all organic ingredients and it’s slightly carbonated. Yes, you read that correctly – carbonated coffee. Before you go thinking Lucky Jack is selling coffee soda, just know it’s not THAT carbonated. It’s about as carbonated as a beer which makes for quite the unique sipping experience.

REVIEW: Piano Piano Brings Comforting Italian Eats To The Annex

Victor Barry is no stranger to the restaurant industry. As the owner of Splendido, which is sadly no longer open but was at one point, among the top restaurants in the country, Barry has certainly had his fair share of experience around food. His newest venture is Piano Piano, a comforting, cozy spot on Hardbord St. that serves up a wonderful, Italian-inspired menu that places a large focus on pizzas and pastas.