Three Jerks Unleashes New Jerky Flavor By Teaming With Soy Vey

veri veri teriyaki

Beef jerky is one of the simple joys in life and few do it better than Three Jerks. Emmy winning TV show Shark Tank first introduced the world to the company, who bucked the jerky establishment by making this cured snack out of uber fancy filet mignon. After scoring a deal with FuBu creator Daymond John, their small-time jerky company launched to new levels. We’ve already told you why you should be eating their product, but now we have another reason:  a tasty new flavor called Veri Veri Teriyaki.

Originally, Three Jerks cooked up their meaty treats in 4 flavors:  Original, Chipotle Adobo, Memphis Brand BBQ and Maple Bourbon Churro. They later added Hamburger Jerky to their repertoire but they never strayed East like most jerky brands by offering a teriyaki flavor. That is, until now.

The guys at Three Jerks formed a partnership with the good people at sauce makers Soy Vey to create this newest flavor. It’s the first time Soy Vey has ever teamed with another food brand and it seems like a perfect partnership, as both of these teams consist of best friends who just love making tasty food. And this new flavor sure does sound delicious.

The jerky makers are heading back to their roots to launch this new flavor by creating a Kickstarter campaign. So, not only can you pick up this new flavor by donating, but you can also score some cool rewards by doing so (if helping bring this tasty flavor to the world isn’t reward enough). One of which is a personalized video from Shark Tank star Daymond John. Furthermore, the guys at Three Jerks are giving back to the entrepreneurial world by matching 5% of their Kickstarter proceeds to help support 5 other unique Kickstarter campaigns.

We’ve been lucky enough to try the new flavor for ourselves and you can check out our review here. Honestly, it may just be our new favorite and we can’t wait for the rest of the world to try Three Jerks‘ newest creation!

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