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REVIEW: New Veri Veri Teriyaki Filet Mignon Jerky From Three Jerks Is Outstanding

When it comes to beef jerky, you don’t have to go far to find a bunch of teriyaki offerings. Pretty much every brand has a teriyaki iteration, presumably because it’s a wildly popular flavor. We can’t complain, either, as it’s quite a pretty tasty flavor profile for jerky. So, when we tried Three Jerks Jerky and realized that they didn’t have a teriyaki flavor yet, we were a bit surprised. Thankfully, they’ve now joined the rest of the jerky world with a brand new offering.

Three Jerks Unleashes New Jerky Flavor By Teaming With Soy Vey

Beef jerky is one of the simple joys in life and few do it better than Three Jerks. Emmy winning TV show Shark Tank first introduced the world to the company, who bucked the jerky establishment by making this cured snack out of uber fancy filet mignon. After scoring a deal with FuBu creator Daymond John, their small-time jerky company launched to new levels. We’ve already told you why you should be eating their product, but now we have another reason: a tasty new flavor called Veri Veri Teriyaki.

35 Hot Chocolate Recipes You Can Warm Up To

The colder temperatures of winter means hot beverages abound. Sure, you can head over to your local coffee spot and pick up some coffee, but what if you aren’t into those bitter little beans? In that case, you can grab the second most popular hot beverage: hot chocolate. Why spend your hard earned money on a $5 cup of hot cocoa though when you can make your own?

Olive Garden Take You To The Mediterranean With New Menu Items

Olive Garden has made a name for themselves in the family Italian dining world, but even a big brand like them has to keep things fresh so their customers don’t lose interest. Most recently, the mega-chain has kicked things up a notch with their Tastes of the Mediterranean menu. This new lineup features 6 dishes that are a bit more health-conscious than their regular offerings, as they each contain under 600 calories.