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30 Vegetarian Recipes That Would Please Any Carnivore

Here are We Got Food Covered, we’re all fans of meat. Chicken, steak, pork, shellfish, you name it. We’ve even tried some uncommon meats like ostrich, snail, shark and more. As much as we love eating animals, and as many times as we posit that vegetables are what food eats, sometimes it behooves even the most voracious of carnivores to eat their veggies. And, dare we say it, maybe even a vegetarian dish or two.

Learn How To Pan Sear Your Steak Like Alton Brown

Grilling a steak is widely accepted as the best way to cook a steak. There’s something about those grill marks and the juicy red center that just makes your mouth water. Sometimes, though, you don’t have time to let the charcoal heat up. You’re out of propane. It’s raining. Your grill is covered in snow. You’re too lazy to fire up the grill. Whatever the reason, have no fear because you can still cook a scrumptious steak without firing up a grill – and you can do it like renowned chef Alton Brown.

40 Quinoa Recipes To Feed Your Superfood Needs

These days, people are always looking for healthy alternatives to classic ingredients and try to fill their diets with “superfoods.” Quinoa checks both of those boxes. This healthy grain is typically a suitable substitute for less healthy rice and is categorized as a superfood. That doesn’t mean it’ll give you the ability to fly or see through walls, but it is a nutrient rich food that’s especially good for your health.

SNL Funnyman Jay Pharaoh Reviews Hot Sauces With Impressions

Here at We Got Food Covered, we don’t hide our love for chicken wings. We’ve told you where to get them cheap, how to make them yourself, where to find the most expensive wings in the world, and more. But, we haven’t actually reviewed any wings or wing sauces (yet). And until we do, you should check out Jay Pharaoh reviewing wing sauces in his own unique way for web series Hot Ones on YouTube channel First We Feast. If you know much about Jay Pharaoh, you’ll know that “unique way” refers to as various celebrities via his spot-on impressions.