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9 New York City Drinking Destinations For Movie Lovers

While most my nights are spent critiquing films for We Got This Covered, my LATER nights are spent scouring New York City for the perfect pint, cocktail or anything that’ll get a little buzz going. And since I’m typically with other local critics, we end up talking about movies the whole damn time anyway. I mean, all the best writers were alcoholics, so we’re merely trying to capture just a fraction of their magic (without the liver disease). Write drunk, edit sober – it works. Trust me.

Update Your Childhood With A Boozy Ice Cream Float

If you were like me as a kid, you loved a good ice cream float. Whether it was root beer or some other dark soda, it was only improved by plopping a big dollop of ice cream in it. Because, let’s be honest, ice cream is kind of like bacon… it makes everything better. As an adult, though, we move on from childish things like ice cream floats, right? Well, we don’t have to. Instead of moving on, we can just update childish things, and this simple update will forever change the way you view an ice cream float: add booze.